Wait... Are Instagram LIKES back?

business growth social media Mar 03, 2021

Yesterday all the fuss was Instagram removing LIKES from thousands of accounts in the US. Twitter went crazy with many complaining about the change and others supporting it and how it tosses comparison out the window. 

Just a few hours after the internet freaked out about the LIKES being gone, Instagram went on to share that it was all just a mistake. 


 So, for many accounts, mine included, LIKES are now back and everything seems to be working fine. 




So if the change was a mistake, an accidental tap or click on something, but they have been testing it out in other countries like Canada, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand, why not leave the change active for the US as well to see how it goes? If the goes of this change was to improve our mental health, I'd be happy to see the effects!




 What are your thoughts around the changes? Are you Team Likes or Team No Likes?

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