Why did Instagram remove my LIKES?

business growth social media stress Mar 03, 2021

Are your likes gone too?

As of 8p EST the LIKES on all my Instagram posts were gone. I'll be honest, I had a tiny panic attack when I saw no likes on my posts. Ok maybe not so little. I initially thought it could have been glitch so I jumped to some of my favorite really popular accounts, the ones that always get thouuuuuuuusands of likes within 3 minutes of posting.

No likes there either!

But this was immediately followed by delicious relief! I think it's great that we'll have less focus on who liked our post, and who got more likes, and more focus on the ACTUAL content we're posting!

Instagram has been testing this out in different countries since 2019. The reason? Back in 2019, CEO Adam Mosseri said "We will make decisions that hurt the business if they help people's well-being and health." 

If you use Instagram for fun, just focus on posting what you love, what makes you happy. 

If you use Instagram for business, focus on the value of your posts. Create content that earns your followers trust, that teaches and helps them. Content they'll want to share, comment on and save. Screw the likes! Toss the competitiveness and comparison out the window! 

Let's make awesome content and worry less about what others think about it!

Side note: you can still see your likes in your post Insights. So if you work alongside brands as an influencer, like I often do, your metrics still matter and can still easily share your metrics with brands just by going into your metrics. 

 Talk to me... Are your likes gone too?

How do you feel about the change? 


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