Slow Mornings Changed My Life

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The alarm goes off. I snooze. I snooze again. I snooze until I know it’s now a race.

I jump off the bed, walk to the bathroom with my eyes still closed and half asleep even as a brush my teeth. I realize it’s too late for all the creams in the morning routine I swear I’m going to stick to every time I buy a new moisturizer or anti wrinkle cream. The bottles go touched yet another day. 



Work bag. 



Drive through coffee. 

Good morning. 


This was how I started my day for years no matter at what time I needed to be at work. It was always a race against the clock and I didn’t always win but I definitely always started my day feeling like it had already gotten away from me. Every once in a while I made it a goal to change things. I wanted to have mornings like in the movies, where people work out and even cook eggs. I’m not a breakfast person but I wanted the option to cook eggs, if I felt like breakfast one day. I wanted my mornings to feel how those TV people looked, relaxed. So I would set my alarm for an hour earlier determined to get at least a good stretch in the morning, Determined to actually choose something nice to wear instead of hurriedly grabbing the first thing I found and at least have coffee at home, sitting not driving. 

The alarm would go off, I would remember my goal a peaceful morning, but would be overcome by feeling exhausted as I tried to wake up. Cue the snooze game and the clown music. 

It took me forever to realize how powerful it truly is to start your morning slow. To 

feel the full effects of how your mindset changes and day develops differently when you give yourself an hour before starting your day. I know what you’re thinking, “ Who the hell has time for a whole hour for nothing in the morning?“ 

We all do. 

Yes parents, you too. 

A productive morning doesn’t start when the alarm goes off, it starts the night before. This, my friends, is the secret. Unless you absolutely love mornings and waking up early your routine must start the night before. But I assume do you love neither of those things or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. If your night owl like me I understand it can be tough to get to bed early, but night owl or not if you are waking up your body and mind before they are fully rested you’re already starting on the wrong foot. 

Once I mastered the art of slow mornings, my mood, productivity and energy changed drastically for the better. It didn't happen over night but the positive change is so big that once I felt it a few days in a row, I because obsessed with having mornings that felt good. 

I followed these easy steps that I think will really help you out. 



A productive day starts the night before. Set an alarm to remind you it’s time for bed, preferably an hour or two earlier than you usually go to sleep, this way you’re giving your mind and body the time it needs to restore and refresh. 



Set aside your clothes for the next day the night before. If you want to start your morning with a work out, leave your leggings and your shirt on the dresser before bed. Whatever you want to do or experience the following morning, leave the necessary tools or elements for it readily accessible the night before.



I understand sometimes you're just "not sleepy" before midnight. So, tire yourself out. Get a good workout in that afternoon, take your pup on a longer than usual walk. Definitely stay away from alcohol. You might it helps you sleep, but it doesn't. 



You want your racing mind to relax before you get to bed, but if it's not used to shutting down early, you need to give it a little help. Put all screens away at least an hour before the "bed time" alarm. Try a soothing tea and a book instead. If you can sit still for a few minutes, some guided meditation could really help as well. 



As with any change you're making in life, it will take time and you will make mistakes. When you do, don't beat yourself up. That's not going to make it any better. Be kind to yourself and then try again, and again, and again until you give yourself the mornings you desire. 

Morning routines aren't just cute, they're proven to set you up for a more successful day with lower stress and higher productivity. 

If you want this, make it happen. 


Sending love and light your way...

GiGi Diaz

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