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lifestyle productivity rituals Apr 10, 2021
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In a recent post we talked about Bedtime Rituals for Better Sleep, giving you a few pointers to help you get to sleep in a more relaxed state so you can have a restful night's sleep. 

You didn't think we'd leave you hanging without a morning ritual did you? 

Rushing out the door seems to be the norm for most of us. Hey, it's a huge accomplishment to get the kids (or yourself for that matter) dressed with matching shoes and brushed hair before hitting the road to school or work. 

While this may be what you've been doing for.... forever maybe. It doesn't really work in your favor. 

Studies show that having a morning routine that includes some physical exercise, mindfulness, and a solid breakfast leads to increased happiness and productivity throughout the day. 

Who has the time for all that in the morning?! 

You do. 

If you want to. 



Start the night before. 

Make a plan and stick to it when it comes to your bed time routine. That should include a strict early bedtime, or at least earlier than the night before. Try hitting the pillow 30 minutes earlier all this week. Set an alarm if you need to. 

Next week, you can aim for going to be 45min earlier instead of 30, until you find the time that allows you at least 6-8 hours of sleep. 

As you change the time you go to bed, start changing the time you wake up in the morning, and stick to that one too! Even if it's 15min earlier each week, it will help. 



Get the blood flowing

Give yourself the time you need to include an exercise routine, even if it's just an upbeat walk or a short morning yoga session. Getting the body moving and the blood flowing, including stretching, will help you burn fat, lower blood pressure, help protect you from diabetes. 

Having a morning work out routine that fits your current level of fitness and helps you to gradually improve it, will also have you feeling more energized throughout the day and help you to sleep better at night. 



Take pause to reflect

The next step is mindfulness, this is our favorite one. 

In the morning, before getting into the chase and the running around take a moment to BE in the moment. 

Think of or list 3 - 5 things for which you're thankful. Really think about them, let the happiness they bring you linger in your mind and throughout your body. 

This moment of mindfulness is a great time to journal and plan out your day. 




Take the time the night before to prep your breakfast. This way there's no excuse not to get something healthy in your system before taking on the day. The right breakfast increases your energy and ability to concentrate throughout the day. Food is the main source of fuel for your body and mind, the way you eat can affect not just your waistline but also your mood, physical health, and mental health. 

If you're ready to start Seizing Happy through your nutrition, check out our 30 DAY FUNDAMENTALS OF CLEAN EATING eBook. 

What are you morning routines?


Sending love and light your way...

GiGi Diaz

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