Jennifer Lopez Calls off Engagement with Alex Rodriguez. What We Can Learn From This.

Mar 12, 2021

All the buzz around Jennifer Lopez calling off her engagement with Alex Rodríguez got me thinking.

Not about what caused it, if he cheated, or why she might have fallen out of love. But about how important it is to be in integrity and ALWAYS put yourself first.

Sources close to her are saying that she didn’t feel moving forward with the wedding was a good idea partly because his character has been called into question recently. This is such an amazing example of how important it is that we always keep our wings, that we always revisit and reevaluate our decisions and relationships. It could have been easier for her to stick to the relationship, try to figure things out, if only to avoid the vultures and haters who are already criticizing and attacking them; instantly switching their narrative from “what a great couple” to “what’s wrong with her that they all cheat?”

I’ve admired JLo for a long time because of her genius, her perseverance, her work ethic, her business skills. I admire her more now for staying in integrity and walking away from whatever no longer aligns or makes her feel whole.

I’m not worried about why they fell apart or if it was anyone’s fault. She’ll be fine. She will recover. I’m sure she will love again, soon, cause she knows she deserves love.

I wish we all be brave enough to walk away from anything and anyone who no longer serves us, empowers us, makes us happy and better.

Thoughts? Drop them below!

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