Affirmations and How They Can Change your Identity

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Let's talk affirmations! If you're the listening type, check out this episode of my #CHATSwithGiGi podcast to learn all about affirmations. This episode is short and sweet and I can't wait to hear your takeaway from it! Oh! I almost forgot! Listen to the end for a freebie! 

If you prefer to read, let's get started! 

Are there affirmations you love? 

How has using affirmations added to your growth? 

I received so many DM‘s about this! Some weren’t sure how or why to use affirmations. Others felt silly using them. And most just wanted to learn more about affirmations... i got you!

So let’s start at the beginning

What the heck are affirmations? 

Absolutely everything that we say to ourselves, positive or negative, is an affirmation. It’s a combination of words that you are using to affirm a certain thought or idea to yourself or others. 

There’s a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) that is responsible for making words that get repeated over time a part of our identity, whether positive or negative.

Read that one more time.

There's a whole section in your brain dedicating to making what you repeat to yourself part of who you are. 

That's intense right?

This takes us to WHY affirmations matter. 

If our brain is wired to make the words you repeat to yourself during your self dialogue a part of your identity, think about how important it is that those words be positive, empowering and encouraging! 

Let’s be real, life does a good enough job at knocking us down and putting us through difficult moments.  

Our response to these moments is often times a negative one. We beat ourselves up for failing, we replay the mistake over and over in our heads thinking “I’m so stupid“ “I always screw up.”  

How is the repetitive negative dialog affecting your RAS? 

How is it affecting your identity?

Let's try something. 

Repeat this aloud:


I am strong. I am blessed. I am confident. 


I mean it... Take a deep breath and say it out loud:


I am strong. I am blessed. I am confident. 

How do you feel? 

You probably feel the effects right away. Maybe you feel a little awkward saying things out loud (that maybe you don't even believe yet) but trust me, the more your repeat it, the more you'll believe it. Your brain will make sure of it! 

The subconscious brain doesn't know the difference between the past or future. It seed everything as NOW. This is why repeating your affirmations in the present is so powerful. Between the RAS working to help you make your repeated statements part of your identity, and your subconscious mind being convinced that you saying it in the present tense makes it true, you can feel the empowering effects of affirmations almost instantly. 





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I really do wanna know... Are there any affirmations you love? 

How has using affirmations added to your growth? 


Sending love and light your way...

GiGi Diaz

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