Is this thought supporting or sabotaging my dream?

health mindset personal growth Apr 07, 2021
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My fiancé and I play a game all the time. I call it “first thought”.

We will ask each other at random points throughout the day. He’ll be in the kitchen and I’ll yell from the living room, “first thought” and he’ll tell me what he’s thinking. Other times he’ll be the one to shout it out and I’ll be the one to share. It’s a really fun conversation starter but it’s also an incredibly powerful exercise to do with yourself.

According to Dan Gilbert of Harvard who wrote “Stumbling on Happiness,” we function on autopilot 46.9% of the time. That’s almost half your day! Considering you sleep at least 7 to 8 hours, think of how much of your life your brain is just thinking what it wants, dwelling on preconceived notions and beliefs that were given to us as children that may or may not serve us or even apply to our current times.

I encourage you to check on yourself a couple of times a day.

Ask yourself; First thought!

What are you thinking about? Is that thought empowering or disempowering you? Is it supporting or sabotaging your dream?

If you find your brain dwelling on thoughts that are not supporting or empowering you it’s a sign that you have limiting mindsets and beliefs holding you back from the dreams and success you desire and deserve.

Let’s start now... Share in the comments below!
First thought!

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