3 Must Have Conversations Before Getting Married Feat. Judge Lauren Lak‪e‬

lifestyle marriagetips podcast Feb 15, 2021

If you just got engaged, CONGRATS! What’s the first thing you did after sharing the news? Most brides-to-be go straight into the wedding planning, choosing a venue and a date, choosing their dress and flower decor. But according to TV Judge Lauren Lake, there are conversations that MUST be had before tying the knot. These will lay the foundation for a stronger more stress-free marriage. In today’s episode of the Chats With GiGi podcast, we’re going over what these 3 conversations are.


Today, Lauren Lake presides over the nationally syndicated daytime courtroom series Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court, now in its seventh season. In the Emmy-nominated series, Judge Lauren oversees highly emotional family cases that lead to life-changing consequences. Lauren is also launching her new show Lauren Lake Show all about life, love, money, relationships. Wanna be on the show? Head to MGMcasting.com to apply!


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