A Free 3-Day Training For New Coaches to Establish their Brand and Increase Clients

Join us on August 15th-17th

From 10 A.M. - 1 P.M. EST


Free 3-Day Training For New Coaches to Master Their Business and Increase Clients

August 15th-17th

From 10 A.M. - 1 P.M. EST










Hey New Coach!

So you spent a pretty penny launching your coaching business, maybe you even went above and beyond getting your coaching certification or building a fancy website. But when it comes to attracting paying clients and having clarity on keep them ::CRICKETS::

I feel you. Same thing happened to me and I ended up spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in trainings and masterminds that all taught me how to scale my coaching business THEIR way. 

Needless to say, it didn't work for me. It wasn't until I gained the Clarity, Confidence & Courage to show to show up authentically and define my business on MY TERMS that I saw my business scale (a little too fast. I had to catch up!)

In this 3-day training I'm going to show you the blueprint I used to uncover my unique coaching essence and my unique coaching voice so you can uncover yours. I will also share the tools I used to create a custom blueprint for my coaching business so you can create your own, on your terms, with your needs. The best part? We'll do this TOGETHER at the training! 

If you...

  • Know you’re meant for more
  • Know how want your life as a coach to look and feel
  • Are overwhelmed with the process
  • Are trying to figure it out but not seeing growth quickly enough
  • Are DETERMINED to succeed and will do whatever it takes to get to your goal!

Then join us for the free Unleash Your Inner C.E.O 3-Day Training where I will personally guide you through 3 days that will transform the way you look at and run your business.

Having the CLARITY on how your business needs to show up online to consistently attract dream, paying clients.
Feeling CONFIDENT showing up as the intuitively led C.E.O that your business needs and deserves in order to scale.
Having the COURAGE to create the business of your dreams. One that requires you work less to make more, giving you time and freedom.

Listen Queen...

You can and deserve to have support during this entrepreneurial season of your life. 

You can and deserve to step into your power and intentionally create the shifts in your business that will lead you to the success you dream of.

You can and deserve to create a dream life for yourself, for your children, for their children. 


 If you’re ready to Unleash Your Inner C.E.O spend these three days with me and you will walk away with:



Get clear on how your business needs to show up for your clients to to build authority and trust. 


Learn the steps to establish your powerful brand on social media


Roadmap to 30 days of content in 3 hours



Get clear on how YOU need to show up for your business as the CEO it deserves for the growth you desire.


Discover and remove the obstacles in the way of your business growth

Tools to get unstuck in your business and start increasing sales 




Let's get brave enough to step onto our power and Unleash Your Inner CEO.

On day 3 we go over the tools to optimize your business so you can spend less time working and more time with your family.


Get the roadmap to boosting your income in the next 2 weeks! 

In addition to gaining
Clarity, Confidence & Courage,
you’ll also get:

  • The opportunity to receive laser 1:1 live coaching with GiGi Diaz
  • A digital goodie bag with:
    • 7 Steps to Manifesting your Dream Life Workbook
    • 30 days of caption templates for more engagement and increased connection with ideal clients
  • Connection, community and networking with heart-centered coaches like you!


What Makes This Event Different?


I'm sure you've been to dozens of events where you get all jacked up on motivation but nothing actually gets DONE, you're left inspired but with the same obstacles you faced at the beginning of the event. Right?


You've probably also sat through events where you are told the WHAT and the WHY but they try to sell you the HOW and, unless you buy, you leave empty-handed. Been there too?


This is NOT the type of event I'm offering. I'm offering you a 3-day training and you will not be able to buy anything during our three days together. 


We deliver Business Mastery Training that will give you CLARITY to discover your UNIQUE coaching essence and voice to allow your business to stand out against the rest. 


We deliver Money Mastery Training to give you the necessary CONFIDENCE to increase your income and client longevity!


We deliver Mindset Mastery Training so you uncover the COURAGE to show up as the C.E.O your business deserves, so you can spend less time working IN your business and more time with your loved ones while still creating massive impact. 


We will create an environment for you to LEARN and NETWORK with other heart-centered, purpose-driven coaches. Remember, your network is your net worth. 


Plus, in addition to all the hands on we'll do each day, you'll also walk away with a digital goodie bag full of POWERFUL tools and materials that you can use to continue the growth you'll experience in our 3 days together.  At this training, we will focus on principles that will bring you REAL RESULTS!


About Your Host

Hey! I’m GiGi Diaz, Certified Life Coach for women, media personality, and recovering hustler!

Why recovering? Because after ending up in an urgent care room, depleted from burnout, while getting my Masters degree, holding 3 jobs and managing my first business established back in 2003, I realized that working hard is NOT the quickest way to success.

I also realized that there had to be other women out there, eager to take on the world and make their wildest dreams come true but burning out in the process; making the road to their dream life unnecessarily longer.

spent years learning about the true core of joyful living, getting my certifications as a Life Coach as well as in Happiness Studies, Positive Psychology Habits Practitioner, and Mindfulness. 

My passion is to bring this knowledge that took me years to acquire, into my coaching events and programs for my fellow coaches who need it today. 

I'm here to help you Unleash Your Inner C.E.O so you can achieve success with less stress.