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About me

Hey! I’m GiGi Diaz, iHeartRadio personality, Mindset and Business Coach for Women and recovering workaholic!

Why recovering? Because after ending up in an urgent care room depleted from burnout while getting my Masters degree and holding 3 jobs and managing my first business established back in 2003, I realized that working hard is NOT the quickest way to success. I also realized that I wasn’t alone, that there had to be other women out there, eager to take on the world and make their wildest dreams come true but were just burning out in the process; making the road to their dream life unnecessarily longer.

I went down the rabbit hole for years learning about the true core of joyful living, getting my certifications as a Life Coach as well as in Happiness Studies, Positive Psychology Habits Practitioner, and Mindfulness. My passion is to bring this knowledge that took me years to acquire, into my coaching programs to offer it to the amazing women who need it today, to awaken their greatness and get to their mountaintop loving every step of the climb.

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